1898-O Barber Quarter PCGS VF 35 CAC Approved

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There are a few dates that constantly turn up in lots of random Barber quarters – 1898 is definitely among these. 1898 Barber quarters are among the more common dates in the series, and is a favorite of type coin collectors who want to buy a really high-end example of a Barber quarter without having to shell out thousands for a scarce-date specimen.

Here’s the mintage and information for 1898 Barber quarters:

  • 1898 – 11,100,000; 

  • 1898-O – 1,868,000; 

  • 1898-S – 1,020,592; 

  • 1898 proof – 735; 

The 1898 issue from Philadelphia is by far the most common entry of this date among the Barber quarters. While the New Orleans and San Francisco mint issues were minted in much smaller batches than the Philadelphia quarter, neither of the two branch mint issues are considered especially scarce, at least in the lower circulated grades, which is the condition in which most are purchased.

The 1898 proof Barber quarter is not typically included in most collections of business-strike quarters. However, some do find their way into high-end collections of 19th-century silver coinage and are valued as both standalone pieces and as among a complete collection of Barber quarters.