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The 1900 Morgan Silver Dollar contains at least one significant die variety for Morgan Silver Dollar collectors, and that is the 1900-O, O over CC mintmark. A startling variety, given the fact that the last CC-mint Morgan Dollar was struck in 1893, the 1900-O, O over CC Morgan Dollar is an exciting variety for most collector of the Morgan Dollar series. Though such a piece is only one of dozens of eye-catching pieces for VAM (Leroy C. Van Allen and A. George Mallis) variety collectors, who relish collecting dollars with each of the tiny variations among the dies used for the Morgan Dollar series.

The 1900 Morgan Silver Dollar was produced in three mints: New Orleans, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. The New Orleans Mint used an "O" and the San Francisco Mint an "S”. The main mint in Philadelphia did not use a mintmark. The unique O over CC mintmark occurred when, a few years after the Carson City Mint stopped producing U.S. coins, some Morgan Dollar reverse dies with "CC" mint marks were returned to the main mint in Philadelphia. Some of these dies had the "CC" marks partially filed off, and replaced with New Orleans Mint "O" marks for silver dollar production in 1900! Proof examples of Morgan Dollars from all years, including 1900, are rare which makes them expensive.

1900 Morgan Silver Dollar Mintage Figures

  •          1900: 8,830,000;
  •          1900-O: 12,590,000; 
  •          1900-O, O Over CC: mintage included above; 
  •          1900-S: 3,540,000; 
  •          1900 Proof: 912; 

None of the business-strike Morgan Dollars are significantly expensive among the lower circulated grades, and can be had in the average-circulated grade tier for a price that is only nominally higher than the prevailing melt values. Beyond the proof Morgan Dollar, which is not usually incorporated in most date-and-mintmark collections, 1900 and 1900-O Morgan Dollars are highly common the uncirculated grades and are widely available; a concerted effort may be required when you are shopping for the 1900-S or 1900-O, O over CC, both of which are much scarcer in the Mint State grades.